National Common Position Statement for
Ending Recreational Shooting
of Native Waterbirds
- 2008


On 10 August 2005, the former Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, in announcing a permanent ban on duck shooting in Queensland, stated: "Community concern, combined with declining bird numbers, diminishing wetlands and the effects of the drought means it’s time to act – and act we will."

Wetlands have been seriously diminished by drought and climate change and native waterbird numbers have plummeted by 82% across eastern Australia.  Combined with community concern over the ethics of duck shooting and the inconsistent policies of the state/territory governments on duck shooting (noting that these birds are nomadic and fly across state borders), NGOs across the nation believe that the time is now ripe for the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Environment Minister Peter Garrett to also act on this issue.

ALP MoDS and the Coalition Against Duck Shooting are currently finalizing endorsement by numerous NGOs across the States and the Territory of a Common Position Statement. The endorsing organisations are calling on the Federal government to:

  1. Adopt and implement a national policy to permanently ban the recreational shooting of native waterbirds.  
  2. Amend the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Subdivision B – Wetlands of international importance) to provide for a specific ban on recreational hunting of native ducks on RAMSAR Sites* throughout Australia.
  3. Work in co-operation with States and the Northern Territory to reach an intergovernmental agreement for all governments to legislate for a permanent ban on the recreational shooting of native waterbirds.

* RAMSAR Treaty (The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat)
The Commonwealth is a signatory to the international RAMSAR Treaty giving it direct management and responsibility for significant areas of Australia’s wetlands known as RAMSAR Sites, being ‘Wetlands of International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat. Under the RAMSAR Treaty the Commonwealth is obligated to work in partnership with State, Territory and local governments to:

  • Conserve Australia’s wetlands through the promotion of their ecological, cultural, economic and social values; and
  • Ensure a sound scientific basis for the conservation and ecologically sustainable development of wetlands.
Trevor Poulton - ALP Members Opposed to Duck Shooting (ALP MoDS)
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ALP Members Opposed to Duck Shooting (MoDS) looks forward to support of ALP Members for our internal party campaign for a ban on recreational shooting of native waterbirds. 22 ALP Branches have passed motions calling for a ban.

Environmental Quackery

 Whilst the Bracks government continues to ignore the fact that duck shooting is barbaric and has been banned in NSW, QLD & WA, it maintains that it is allowing seasons to proceed on scientific and environmental sustainability grounds. In fact, with drought, climate change and annual slaughters the number of native waterbirds is down to its lowest levels. The science used by the Bracks state government is ‘environmental quackery' and based purely on a ‘marginal seats policy' – Labor is killing its native wildlife for fear of losing a few votes. Ironically, an ACNeilson Poll shows that 70% of Victorians want duck shooting banned. Now is the time!

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Note: Total game duck numbers was the fifth lowest on record and
below average.

(Below) Members of ALP MoDS at Essendon Airport preparing to buzz wetlands in South-West Victoria prior to 2004 Duck Season opening. A plane will be departing from Essendon Airport on 13 March 2005 to once again buzz the wetlands.

(Below) Some Members of ALP MoDS at Hird Swamp, Kerang at the opening of the Duck Shooting Season 2004 with Laurie Levy.

(Below) ALP MoDS at Hird Swamp, Kerang 2004.

(Below) ALP MoDS Members next to on-site Vet Clinic at Kerang 2004.

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